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Tree Loppers

As part of our suite of tree care services, Coastland Arbor proudly provides tree lopping Sunshine Coast wide. Our qualified and experienced team are experts in tree health. We can help you determine how much you need to lop, or how much can be safely removed for aesthetic or practical purposes without harming the tree.

Our team consists of qualified arborists and climbers with thousands of hours of experience performing pruning and maintenance on both native and exotic species. Just like any other trade, arboriculture is a highly skilled profession which requires years of training and experience. Undertaking pruning without advice or assistance from a professional lopper is dangerous and sometimes even illegal, and has the potential to do serious damage to both the tree and any nearby property. Our professional arborists will ensure lopping is carried out in a safe, professional manner. 

The Importance of regular pruning and tree lopping

Tree lopping is done for a variety of different reasons. Usually, it’s a practical matter of loppers removing damaged branches or keeping them from interfering with a building, falling on a road or footpath. In some cases, excessive foliage can cause overshadowing a garden area, stunting or preventing the growth of plants. Sometimes trees need to be pruned when they grow in unusual patterns as they reach towards patches of light or water and causing poor air circulation and light penetration. Lopping can help even out the appearance and correct the overall shape.

If you have particularly large or old trees on your property, regular maintenance should be planned in order to ensure that it stays healthy and strong. Some species have special needs; for example, many native trees naturally drop branches in extreme heat to conserve energy, and pre-emptive lopping can help avoid damage. Weak and brittle trees not only look unsightly, they can also pose a safety hazard as branches can fall off without warning, especially during stormy conditions. Lopping and pruning is likely to be part of this maintenance, alongside other measures such as pest management and treatment of fungal conditions.

Contact the Sunshine Coast’s most experienced tree loppers for more information

Our tree loppers are happy to help assess your trees and let you know what action can be taken. For more information or to arrange a quote, please call (07) 5446 6373. In addition to pruning, we offer a range of specialist maintenance services throughout the Sunshine Coast including tree removal, stump grinding, and land clearing.