Stump Grinding on the Sunshine Coast

Stump Grinding

Trees are usually cut as low to the ground as possible, but the stump may be left in as digging down to remove the taproot is a complicated and time consuming process. There are a few different options for dealing with the tree; some people leave it to decompose naturally, some people turn it into a garden feature such as a bird feeding table, and some people decide to have it taken out altogether. Once a tree has been removed on your property, the next step in the process is stump grinding. Noosa and wider Sunshine Coast locals can call Coastland Arbor Services for expert advice and assistance with problem stumps.

We carry out mechanical stump grinding using specialised equipment which safely reduces the stump into small woodchips. The job is complete when the bulk of the trunk is gone – usually, this means going about 30cm past the actual soil level. Large roots can be pulled out, but most are just left in the soil as they are harmless. Some species, such as the fig trees which are prevalent up and down the Sunshine Coast and in Noosa require extra attention to detail. Spreading roots present a tripping hazard and can stop you from putting in other plants, so they are usually chipped as well. We have 3 different machines ranging from 80hp for large jobs down to 20hp for tight access jobs.

Providing Sustainable Green Waste Solutions

Environmental sustainability is understandably, an increasing concern for our clients on the Sunshine Coast and in Noosa. Recognising this, we have designed our business processes to minimise the amount of green waste that ends up in landfill. Many of the services we provide produce green waste which we recycle into useful gardening products and construction materials. Stump grinding requires a specialised machine which turns the stump into a chip or soil mixture. This can sometimes be collected and repurposed as a mulch or surface covering in other areas.

If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of an old stump for ages, now is the time to act. It may be much more affordable than you anticipate. At Coastland Arbor Services, we are experts in tree health and safe removal processes. We are happy to answer your questions and arrange a quick quote. Call us on 0413 153 076 to get started. In addition to stump grinding we offer a range of professional services including  lopping, tree removal and land clearing throughout Noosa and the Sunshine Coast areas.

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