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Company invests in new 17m EWP - GENIE TZ-50 TRAILER MOUNTED 

During the course of day to day operations, there are times when EWPs provide the safest and most versatile access into a tree. At Coastland Arbor Services our incurred costs for Cherry Picker Hire were steadily increasing annually, so we decided to bite the bullet, and purchase our own, a Genie TZ-50 - the largest trailer mounted EWP currently available on the market.

The EWP can be towed by our landcruiser utility to the site and setup, allowing us to back into and access areas a truck mounted EWP cannot. It is also self propelled with hydraulic motors on the wheels - and can pass through a 1.65 metre opening, making it perfect for squeezing through hard to access areas [alongside houses, to backyards etc]. Furthermore, stowed, its maximum height is 2.1 meters, which allows the machine to pass under most carports and garages into backyards. In operation, the GENIE has an 8 metre sideways reach and up to 17 metre working height [approximately 58 feet].  It runs on battery power which makes it very quiet and eliminates engine fumes in confined work spaces.

The GENIE has been a great addition to our company and has increased our versatility, efficiency and on-the-job safety.

There is also a very real cost saving that we have been able to pass onto our clients. Since purchasing the GENIE, we have eliminated the higher per hour cost of a EWP rental that other tree companies must incur. Our EWP operators only work with trees, which provides the added benefit of greater experience, reduced setup time and a greater margin of safety. [This is not always the case when a company is paying for a rented EWP on an hourly basis, for this gives the operator no incentive to ’’get the lead out’’]. 

Our time savings reflect an increased competitive edge for us and a cost savings to our customers.

photos of milled timber & firewood

Forest Mulch, Firewood and

Milled Timber Products...

What is Greenwaste Recycling?

Greenwaste Recycling refers to the recycling of waste products collected from tree pruning and removal. Our treework allows Coastland Arbor Services to produce and sell high quality products such as fresh and composted mulch, firewood and a variety of specialty milled and slabbed timbers to the public. We take great pride in recycling as much of our waste as possible. Our philosophy is, that if a tree must be removed, then the least amount possible of that tree should be lost to landfill.


Our firewood consists of a combination of quality, seasoned hardwood [slower burning timber] which is split using a mechanical splitter and delivered throughout the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland in the colder months. Our minimum delivery is 2 tonne [approximately 2 x large one tonne ute loads]. This is a thrown measure (ie. the wood is thrown in the truck, not stacked] and tipped from the truck when delivered. However, if pre-arranged, you can visit the depot and load the wood yourself - into your own ute, trailer etc. and/or purchase bagged split wood and kindling. 

Forest Mulch...

High Quality Organic Forest Mulch 

Mulch around trees provides a stable root environment that is cool and moist. It protects the trunk and roots from lawn mowers and brushcutters, and reduces competition for water from weeds and turf. 

Organic forest mulch is a by-product of our work and available to the public. Consisting of a mixture of woodchip and leaves, when spread on your gardens, our forest mulch will help protect soil organisms from heat and cold, while reducing infestation of weeds and grasses. Watering is also significantly reduced as it protects the soil from drying out.

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Sawmilling Operations...

Exotic Timbers from turning & Milled Timber

Our range of recycled and/or salvaged timber is constantly changing, but we have stocks of native and exotic timbers available. We are able to supply [to your specification] a range of large timber slabs; posts and beams; dimensioanl timber, flooring, decking, weatherboards and cabinet timber. 

The bulk of our timber is local Eucalypt and Corymbia species [i.e. Froest redgum, Brown & Pink Bloodwood, Flooded Gum, Blackbutt and Tallowood]. We also have limited supplies of Red Cedar, Bumpy Ash [Cudgery], Camphor Laurel, Mango, Hoop, Kauri and Bunya Pine.

At Coastland Arbor Services we own and operate a Petersons sawmill which is ideal for producing limited volumes of boards, or specialty milling such as oversized timber. Clients can provide the logs [if suitable] or timber can be cut to order [using your builder’s timber list] from our stockpile of millable logs. 

More about our Peterson Sawmill: 

Our Peterson Sawmill can handle almost any kind of log, and is able to cut any size and length that you require. It works exceptionally well on both hardwoods and softwoods as we are able to cut efficiently in both directions. Our mill can cut solid wide slabs, beams by double cutting, [without turning the mill around], and also produce perfectly dimensioned lumber. [from a timber list you provide] We can also quarter saw a log, and cut specialist sizes like tapered weatherboards. 

Designed to cut the log horizontally and vertically, the single thin kerf blade of a Peterson swingblade sawmill pivots from the horizontal position to the vertical position with ease. Each cut of the log intersects at a precise point resulting in perfect boards every time. 

The mill has a proven recovery rate of up to 85% and 1.14 LRF on good logs. This is partly due to the accuracy of the Peterson brand mill, which cuts boards to within an accurate 1mm. 

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