Professional Land Clearing Sunshine Coast

Are you planning a building or landscaping project in an area currently occupied by well-established trees? Do you need to clear damaged trees, or create a fire break? We can help. Coastland Arbor Services has been providing land clearing for Sunshine Coast property owners, project managers and landscapers for more than 25 years. Our qualifications and experience in tree care allow us to plan and execute safe, efficient and environmentally conscious mass removal jobs.

From the moment you make your initial enquiry, you’ll feel well taken care of. Our courteous staff are happy to visit you on site and discuss land clearing options to suit the scope of your project. We can discuss different aspects and concerns, such as timing and scheduling, and what is to be done with the debris and chips. Many stakeholders are concerned with safety issues, especially in highly populated areas or where children are present. We are able to provide information and advice on OHS procedures.

Diverse Land Clearing Services

We offer a diverse array of clearing and mulching services for both commercial businesses, government bodies, and the general public on the Sunshine Coast. These include:

  • Allotment clearing for commercial and residential developers
    This is a crucial process in the preconstruction phase of any building. We will efficiently remove any vegetation or trees to ensure the construction site is properly prepped prior to building.
  • Vegetation maintenance
    This service includes both understory and selective tree clearing to ensure optimal growth and minimise the presence of invasive species and weeds.
  • Preparation of firebreaks
    Bushfire prevention is hugely reliant on firebreaks and we have many years of experience preparing these as well as performing hazardous fuel reduction and stacked timber burning.
  • Clean-up operations
    We clear out overgrown vegetation from a range of civil structures including ditches, irrigation channels and roads. Our clearing services can also be engaged in preparation for road widening.
  • Recreation
    We can help to clear and maintain both municipal and high rope courses, ensuring they remain safe, enjoyable and accessible places for the entire Sunshine Coast community.

You can rest assured that after the land clearing is complete, the trees will be put to good use. We mulch them and can leave the mulch on your property to improve soil quality. This is useful for farms, gardens and fully landscaped areas. Alternatively, we can take everything away for you, ensuring the land is 100% clear and ready to be worked on.

To begin discussing your land clearing needs, call Coastland Arbor Services on 0413 153 076. Alternatively, you can send us a message online.  Please include as many details as possible, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We offer a wide range of tree maintenance services on the Sunshine Coast including tree removal, lopping, and stump grinding.